Changemaker High School’s leadership-focused academic program is unique in the state of Arizona.

We are the first high school in the U.S. to partner with the Ashoka Youth Venture network to develop a Changemaker high school that integrates social innovation and entrepreneurship across the curriculum. This rigorous academic program meets Arizona standards while developing democratic leaders who will rise to meet the challenges of their generation.

We believe that every student has the potential to innovate and lead in his or her community and chosen career.

Reforming education is now taking center stage in the United States due to new Common Core Standards for student learning. Changemaker High School is taking the lead in developing new ways of teaching and learning focused on critical thinking, creative problem solving, and leadership skills necessary for mastery of Common Core Standards and success in 21st century careers.

Research tells us that leaders are made, not born. At Changemaker High School, students are encouraged to discover and develop their unique voice, talents, purpose, and academic interests. They engage in leadership development by working with community innovators and changemakers at the cutting edge of every field. Participation in real-world projects with positive, real-world role models motivates students to do their best and opens invaluable internship and career possibilities.

We believe that a first class high school should be a hub of innovation and community development.

Today’s challenges require new ways of thinking and ability to forge alliances that bring together leaders from government, business, and the non-profit sector from all over the world. That’s why every course at Changemaker High School engages students in projects with real-world experts that add value to solving today’s problems. We are a dynamic center of academics-in-action, where all of our students apply cutting-edge knowledge in science, humanities, and the arts to develop themselves and their community at the same time.

We believe that successful charter schools like ours are the research and development arm of the public school system.

Changemaker High School received a $690,000 federal grant from the Dept. of Education to develop our unique academic program and share our best practices with schools throughout Arizona. During our first year of operation, a research team from the University of Arizona’s Department of Education began a 3-year study to document and participate in the development of our academic program.