Educational Innovation

Changemaking K-20: From Kinder to College

Venture Description

Changemaker High School has partnered with Prescott College and Mexicayotl Academy of Excellence to embarked on a joint venture that will create an all-inclusive changemaker K-20 partnership in Tucson, Arizona focused on weaving primary, secondary, and higher education into an all-inclusive model to create the next generation of dual language social innovators and solution seekers.

Importance of the Work

The bridging of the three levels of education (primary, secondary, and higher education) into an all-inclusive model to engage in framework change is vital to advancing the Ed sector. This joint venture will push forward the idea that we not only need to rethink high school, but that the education sector as a whole can be reimagined to create social impact across the US and potentially across the world. The combination of theory and practice that is involved in the creation of this new reality will also allow leadership, staff, students, parents, community partners, etc. to reimagine how we interact with the education sector as a whole as well as with the ecosystem of changemakers, social entrepreneurs, and thought leaders who are doing work for the greater good.


K-20 Partnership Status

Currently the three organizations that will work together to create the Changemaker K-20 Partnership have made formal commitments to collaboratively develop this joint venture. Representatives from the three entities have had a series of venture planning sessions and have established a strong foundation for the work ahead. It has been agreed that the three organizations will work in an intentional partnership but at the same time remain autonomous. Four community segments have been identified for the work ahead. These four segments include: 1) Civically Engaged and Environmentally Conscious Students & Families, 2) 1st Generation College Bound Students & Families, 3) Dual Language Students & Families, and 4) Dreamers and Mixed Status Students & Families. Our intention is to meet the needs of these four segment groups, to aid then in developing measurable gains, and to aid them to embark on their personal and collective changemaker journey.