Educational Innovation

Changemaking K-20: From Kinder to College

Venture Description

Changemaker High School is partnered with Prescott College and Mexicayotl Academy of Excellence for a joint venture to create an all-inclusive K20 Changemaker Campus in Tucson, Arizona. This model weaves primary, secondary, and higher education together in one location.

Importance of the Work

The bridging of the three levels of education in an all-inclusive model is vital to advancing the education sector. We believe the system of education can be reimagined to create positive social impact across the globe. This combination of theory and practice allows leadership, staff, students, families, and community partners to interact as a team to create an ecosystem of changemakers working for the greater good.

K-20 Partnership Status

Changemaker High School, Prescott College, and Mexicayotl Academy of Excellence are committed to collaboratively include students and families who are:
● Civically Engaged and Environmentally Conscious
● 1st Generation College Bound
● Dual Language
● Dreamers