First Generation College Bound

Changemaker High School is a part of the national network of Schools, which is committed to preparing the students for the world where change is a constant. We work to provide our students with opportunities that will prepare them to enter the dynamic world. First College Bound is one such initiative of ours. As the name suggests, it has been specially designed for those students who would be the first generation to achieve higher education and go to a college.

Students who have been destined for higher education face a lot of problems, especially when they are the first ones in their family to ever apply to a college. This initiative was started keeping this mind and extends full support to the students. There is no denying the fact that the college application process can get overwhelming even for those students whose family members who have been to college. The program works with high school age students and holds their hand through the application process.

The initiative aims at paving the way for first college-bound students. Help and guidance are provided at every step along the way. For starters, there is a Prescott College, which is available right on campus. The students are guided on how to fill out college applications. College applications are a complex process which involves a lot more than just your SAT scores. The guidance is provided in such a manner that the application process becomes easier. However, the application process is only the first step along the way.

When deciding on what to study and where to study that course, college tours play a crucial role. Changemaker High School through its First Generation College Bound initiative takes its students to various eminent universities within the Arizona State for a visit. Students visit the campus of Arizona University, Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University to say the least. The Tour of these colleges and some more is carried out by the program.

Higher Education is not a cheap affair. Especially in the United States, higher education is extremely costly and students end up drowning in debts for most of their lives. This initiative goes a step further and helps the students in applying for scholarships. So far, 90% of the first generation bound college students have received college education through scholarships.

The main idea behind this program is to provide equal opportunities to all. When students dare to dream, it is our responsibility to guide them through it. The students are provided with help at every step along the way. The initiative also involves the parents. We believe that dreams do come true and we believe in making that happen through this initiative.