Environmentally Conscious

There can be no debate over the fact that Climate Change is real and there is an urgency to do something about it. Though all of us share the pressure of bringing about the much-needed change in our behavior to save mother earth irrespective of nationalities and age, the students need to be sensitized. The Changemaker High School walks an extra mile of making the students aware of their natural surroundings.

Efforts have been made by the school to make the students understand the environment. Trips are taken by in the nearby places to understand the Flora and Fauna of the region that the students call home. They are taught about the properties of the plants that are found in their respective region and what all can be potentially grown in these regions.

The Swan Wash Bridge which was brought about by the efforts of the students of the high school has now been turned into a thriving eco walk. This isn’t the only eco walk the students of the school have brought about. The students understand the importance of flora and fauna and have created an ecosystem which is actively contributing to providing a home to the natural habitat of Arizona and providing everyone with fresh air.

Combating climate change is the need of the hour. Sustainability is one of the ways to go about it. Though sustainability is open to interpretation as a term there are actions which we can indulge in to decrease our carbon footprint and working towards the betterment of the environment. The students of Changemaker High School are taught how to raise poultry and cultivate fruits and vegetables which can help them sustain themselves. Various agricultural workshops are held for students.

Irrespective of whether you are consuming meat or not, the concept of eating clean applies to everyone, the vegetarians, non-vegetarians the vegans. The fruits and vegetables that we consume are laced with pesticides and insecticides. They have also been injected with hormones to help them ripe faster so they can be consumed. These hormones are harmful to the body. Consumption of such laced food can give rise to various diseases. In order to lead a healthy and fulfilling life, it is better to eat clean.

As the students are taught to grow their own vegetables and raise their own poultry, they are able to eat cleaner. The evolution of humankind has been damaging to Earth. When students are aware of climate change and what they can do to contribute towards making the environment better. Changemaker High School wants its students to understand the importance of sustainability and how making even the tiniest of efforts can go a long way in saving the planet.