Civic Engagement

Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Changemaker High School lives by these words and continues to inspire students to address social and environmental issues that they are passionate about with real-world solutions. Students use skills that they are learning in classrooms to take action. Our students do not ask, “When am I ever going to need what I learned in the real world?”, but rather, “How can I use what I have learned in the real world?”

Our students have:

● Adopted and maintained neighborhood sites
● Constructed greenhouses and raised beds
● Planted over 100 shade trees
● Conducted sustainability audits
● Hosted community meetings and gatherings for the community we serve
● Logged 1000s of hours of volunteering through our annual days of service and ongoing projects
● Presented at conferences at universities and state and national conferences
● Written proposals and received funding and support from local government and non-profit organizations for projects