Civic Engagement

Gandhi said, “Be the Change you want to see in the world”. Changemaker High school has lived by these words and has worked and continues to work to inspire children to bring about changes in the world. We live in a world where we are connected with each other at all times and news is brought to us in instants. This easy access to information has made us more aware of what is happening around us and the changes that need to be brought about to make this world a better place. The school trains the children to make an impact on the world and work towards a better future.

High School works along with the children and guides them through the process of bringing about the much-needed change. One such example is of the Swan Wash Bridge. One day a student fell into the flooded Swan Wash, which opened the eyes of the potential threats that the wash holds. The service project which is provided by the high school helped the students to build a bridge over the wash. Eventually, they worked to solve the flooding problem and an ecosystem was laid out which became home to wildlife. This initiative helped to enhance the flood washes.

Swan Wash Bridge was completely a Changemaker High School initiative. The school wants the children to understand that though there are issues around us there is something that we can do about it. A systematic approach to every problem can bring about much-needed solutions. If there is a social change that the students want to bring about, they can draft the issue that they want to target and collect enough signatures so that it can go on to a ballot and be up for voting. If the issue receives enough votes then they can initiate the much-needed change.

To be able to understand the working on a larger scale, the high school took its students to Washington DC and experience it. The students worked towards getting a Hawk line installed in an accident-prone area, where the students did not live in. They voted and worked for it and got it on a ballot. The students this for themselves and for others and for making the world a better place.

These students are the future policymakers. Inculcating understanding and empathy goes a long way in understanding the issues which are faced by our society in the modern world. Working to bring about changes in society at a young age, gives them the courage to not only dream for a better future but also to work towards it. When guidance and support are provided to the students by the staff, there is no doubt about the wonders that they can do. Every big change starts from a small change in itself. The staff of Changemaker High School understands the potential the students have and work with them every step along the way to change the world through engagement, innovation and diversity.