Our students thrive in a​ safe, supportive learning community

Changemaker High School is a welcoming place where students and staff are safe, included equally, and treated with respect.  We are a collaborative learning community where each individual is supported to meet his or her highest potential.  Our sense of community is based on three key principles:


  • All learners in the learning community feel included and are treated with dignity
  • All learners are asked to respect themselves, to demand respect from others, and to respect others


  • All learners in the learning community feel connected and are actively building meaningful bonds and relationships with each other
  • All learners are asked to be proactive to create physical, social, intellectual, and emotional safety


  • All learners in the learning community feel self-driven and are taught to create positive habits of mind to acquire knowledge and to continually improve
  • All learners are asked to be responsible to themselves, to their family, to the community, and to the world


Advisory Crew

Each student belongs to an advisory support “Crew” that includes a mentor teacher and 12 – 15 students from all grade levels.  Crews meet weekly.  Crew members know each other well and provide a support team for each student’s academic and social growth.  Students meet individually with their Crew mentor when seeking advice regarding their course work and college plans.  Each semester, students convene a Student-Parent-Teacher meeting where they discuss their work and create an academic plan for the coming semester.

College counseling is available for all students (and parents) starting in freshman year. Students are encouraged to talk with teachers and their Crew advisor to:

  • Assist in selecting high school courses, and arrange for tutoring and/or enrichment and dual enrollment opportunities
  • Offer information on career choices
  • Provide information and assistance in college selection and applications
  • Provide assistance on obtaining scholarships, grants, and financial aid

College students serve as important tutors and mentors at Changemaker High School. Participation in activities on college campuses is a part of the regular and extracurricular program at our school.






Expert, Caring Teachers

All teachers at Changemaker High School establish caring and empowering relationships with students. They encourage students to take responsibility for their own education, make decisions, and develop as capable, contributing citizens and scholars. Specifically, our teachers:

  • Ensure a welcoming environment and reliable support for all students
  • Treat all students with respect and communicate with students as capable people
  • Create highly dynamic, interactive classes
  • Ensure that students are appropriately challenged for maximum personal growth
  • Hold high expectations and help students meet them – encourage students to take advantage of the tutoring, academic coaching, and support that is offered before and after school and built into the Western Institute’s elective choices
  • Maintain good communication with parents/caregivers

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