Mission: To Develop Student Leaders Who Turn Ideas Into Action

Vision: All graduates will be prepared for college, career, and civic engagement to make an equitable world a reality.

Slogan: Education for a just, sustainable, and peaceful world.


2015/2016 School Wide Goal:

As a founding member of Ashoka’s International Secondary School Network, Changemaker High School will become a model educational institution that creatively integrates scholarship with Empathy, Problem Solving, Team Work, and Leadership to create an Everyone A Changemaker World.


  1. Visioning/Idea Brainstorming
  2. Idea Unpacking
  3. Goal Setting
  4. Action Planning
  5. Panel Presentation
  6. Reflection & Refining


2015-2016 Strategic Plan to Support Growth – Goals, Objectives, and Strategies

  1. Become Self Sustaining by 2016/2017
    1. Recruitment & Retention 
      1. Recruit 75 students for day program (2015/2016)
      2. Recruit 20 students for afternoon program (2015/2016)
      3. Recruit & Retain 130 Students (July 2016/2017)
      4. Outreach & Recruit Existing CM Students City Wide
      5. Target & Refine Middle School Outreach
      6. Complete Feasibility Study for Middle School Expansion Independently or with IDEA School
    2. Resource Development
      1. Develop Funder Base and Apply for 20 Grants During Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Aiming for $250k
      2. Develop Donor Trajectory with 1st Year Goal of Raising $100k
  2. Support Teacher & Student Grant Writing and Venture Fundraising with 1st Year Goal of Raising $25k
  3. Work Closely with Ashoka to Become A Model Changemaker High School
    1. Name Change
    2. Grand Reopening
    3. Secondary Network Leadership
      1. Panel & Conference Participation
      2. Curriculum Development
      3. Parent Engagement Program
    4. 2nd Annual Changemaker Fair
      1. Increase attendance, funding, & publicity
    5. Changemaker Awards Ceremony
  4. Create a College Going Culture that Closes the Achievement Gap
    1. Academic Program
      1. Increase Standardized Test Scores
      2. Increase SAT/ACT Completion Rate
      3. Increase College Enrollment Rate
      4. A+ Program
      5. Expand Dual Enrollment (3 Courses)
    2. Build a Safe, supportive Culture to Increase Scholar-Changemaker Identity
      1. Clear Expectations for Changemaker Work Ethic & Actions
      2. Create youth friendly and student-led community building opportunities
      3. Support Student Participation in Academic Competition & Conference Presentation
    3. Changemaker Travel & Educational Experiences
      1. Organize 1 statewide college tour (UA/ASU/NAU/Prescott)
      2. Have an Academic Exchange with 1 Ashoka Secondary School
      3. Co-Plan with Ashoka an International Changemaker Trip


  1. Develop a School Based Changemaker EcoSystem
    1. Student Leadership
      1. Active Role In CM School Components
        1. Student Governance, Exhibition, Comm. Meeting, CM Days, Socials, Etc.
    2. Changemaker Parent Development
      1. Increase Parent Involvement As Allies in Student Development
    3. Community Engagement
      1. Ashoka, Youth Venture, Empathy Schools, Ashoka U, Etc.
      2. Start Up Tucson, Eller, Junior Achievement, Meridian, Chambers, Lead Local
      3. Engage Elected Officials & Citywide Initiative
      4. Changemaker Events & Networking
      5. Sara Tolbert, Audubon Society, Food Bank, UA Extension, Watershed, Etc.
  2. Create Lean and Efficient Operations & Governance System
    1. Accurate & Timely Data/Financial Reporting
      1. ADE, Charter Board, Corporation Commission, Grantors, Auditors, 990, Property Tax Exemption, E-Rate,Etc
    2. Board Development
    3. Change Team Development
    4. Curricular & Grant Development Integration
    5. Technology Plan & Infrastructure
    6. School Safety & Security Upgrades
    7. Transportation
    8. Space Rental/Leasing








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