To develop student leaders who turn ideas into action.
All graduates will be prepared for college, careers, and civic engagement to make an equitable and sustainable world a reality.
We Educate 
Every student prepares for a college/university level education in a safe, supportive learning environment with small classes and dynamic, caring teachers.
We Inspire
Students develop their unique voice and talents by working with innovators and positive role models at the cutting edge of science, technology, community development, and the arts.  
We Act
All students are change-makers who apply classroom learning in real-world projects with real-world results that contribute value to the community.
We Transform
Our students transform themselves and their community by setting big goals and rising to achieve them.  We celebrate the achievements of students and community changemakers through awards, public exhibitions, scholarly presentations, and cultural events. 
WE INVITE YOU to join our students, staff, and parents to be the change we all want to see in the world!

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