Students must earn 22 credits and meet or exceed the Arizona standardized test requirements (AzMERIT) in order to graduate from Changemaker High School.

The school’s graduation requirements (see table) are designed to satisfy Arizona Board of Education requirements as well as the entrance requirements of Arizona’s 4-year colleges and universities.  That means that all graduating students are qualified to apply to college and the full range of post-secondary educational opportunities.

Additional Course/Credit Guidelines

  1. One (1) unit of credit is granted for work completed in a subject that meets one period daily for the academic year.  One-half (1⁄2) unit of credit is granted for work completed in a subject that meets one period daily for one semester of the academic year.
  2. Freshman, Sophomore and Junior students are expected to enroll in a minimum of five courses per year, plus electives. Seniors on track to graduate are expected to enroll in a minimum of four courses, with adjustments negotiated in advance for Senior Project and Senior Internship.
  3. Coursework in accredited summer school, night school, and online programs may be accepted toward graduation requirements, as well as dual-enrollment courses at Western Institute and a college course. Dual-enrolled students receive both high school and college credit.  Students must obtain approval by the Academic Director prior to enrolling in special courses to obtain Western Institute credit.
  4. Acceptance of transfer credits from sources outside of Changemaker High School.


Course credit and grades are impacted by attendance: Satisfactory attendance at school is essential to learning, and regular attendance is a key to academic success. A student must attend at least 90 percent of class meetings in any course to earn credit, which is mandated by the Arizona State Board of Education. Failure to meet this standard may lead to withholding of credit.  Cases involving prolonged illness or unusual circumstances will be reviewed by the school administration.









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