State Guidelines

Changemaker High School follows state guidelines for testing.  All students are required to take state-mandated standardized tests administered by qualified personnel.


Diagnostic Test

We also regularly administer diagnostic tests that assist in personalizing instruction to meet students’ needs.  After enrolling, students at Changemaker High School take diagnostic assessments in reading, writing, and mathematics to assist us in providing the best program and support for each student.  Students and parents then meet with an advisor to set up an Individual Learning Plan with specific, personal learning goals for the coming year.


In-class Assessment

In-class assessment include performance assessments, such as science projects or creating a website or magazine article, as well as traditional assessments such as essays and tests. Assessments are judged through pre-set rubrics that students understand in advance and that clearly define levels of mastery and task performance.  Grades are earned based on production of quality products and performances, including evidence of thoughtful self-assessment.


Student Academic Progress

We monitor students’ progress closely and provide students and parents with reports on course grades, attendance, and leadership every three weeks, with quarterly reports every nine weeks.  Parents can access all of their child’s assignments and grades via the Internet through the Changemaker High School Parent Portal.

Each semester, student-led Student-Teacher-Parent Conferences allow for each student to evaluate and present their progress as part of owning their Individual Learning Plan.  The student’s team reviews his or her Digital Portfolio that includes samples of his/her best work and helps set new goals and make a plan for the following semester.



Students needing remediation will be asked to commit to after-school tutoring and/or technology-based assistance on specific skills they need to acquire.  Remediation may be provided individually or in groups, in-school and/or after school.


Changemaker High School now offers a

credit recovery program.


No grade below C- will count towards graduation.


Grades are impacted by attendance. Satisfactory attendance at school is essential to learning, and regular attendance is a key to academic success. Satisfactory attendance at school is the responsibility of the student and his or her family. A student must attend at least 90 percent of class meetings to earn credit. Failure to meet this standard may lead to withholding of credit.  Cases involving prolonged illness or unusual circumstances will be reviewed by the school administration.









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