Step 1: Students who are interested in attending the Changemaker High School are invited to submit an interest form online or by visiting our office.
Step 2: We ask that students and parents/guardians attend a Campus Tour or Exhibition of Student Work to learn about the school’s program and have any questions answered.
Step 3: Eligible students will be notified and asked to provide the following information:

  1. Registration forms (packet will be provided)
  2. Birth certificate (or comparable legal documentation)
  3. Immunization records
  4. Transcripts of any high school level work
  5. Withdrawal form from prior high school or Certification of Promotion from 8th Grade
  6. Emergency Card/Health History
  7. Individual Education Plan or 504 Plan (if applicable)
  8. Guardianship information/legal documentation for custody (if applicable)
  9. Proof of residency

Step 5: Students with complete registration information prior to deadline date provided will be scheduled for aregistration conference.  This may be done at the school or when one of the teaching staff makes the first home visit prior to the start of the school year.
Step 6:  Students and parents attend their respective orientation events prior to school.  Dates and specific information will be provided well in advance.

Transfer credits

Transfer Credits will be accepted that meet the core standards and academic level required at the Changemaker High School (CMHS). Transcripts and course descriptions will be evaluated individually along with assessment information.  This will determine the student’s grade level at CMHS and the type and amount of credit earned based on our school standards.

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